Delicious, Affordable Gifts

Surprise someone by sending them a candy gift with a personalized note. Choose two, three, or four candy selections, and personalize your note, all for one low price! (Free shipping)

Can't think of anything to say? Here are some of our favorite quotes:

-Your birthday is a yearly reminder of how blessed I am to know you and to be able to call you my friend

-If you ever start to complain about getting old, just think of the alternative.  Happy Birthday!

-Roses are red violets are blue, I was mad, but now I am ready to forgive you!

-The only thing I love more than the gift you got me is the person who gave it to me, thanks again!

-Sending a big hug your way, to let you know I am thinking of you today and everyday!

-Hardships often prepare ordinary people for the extraordinary!  My heart goes out to you, know that I am here if you need me.

-On this day I want to see you smiling, so here are some sweets for my sweetie!

- Wishing you hope in the midst of sorrow, and comfort in the midst of pain

-It is scientifically proven that people who have more birthdays live longer

-Congratulations on your new home. I hope your neighbors aren't anything like you!

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts, so why not send them something sweet, and nothing is sweeter than a sweet note!